How to Use Whipped Cream Canister/Dispenser

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Indulge in the picture-perfect finishing touch for your favorite puddings, pastries, drinks, and desserts with a whipped cream canister. This incredible kitchen tool streamlines the process of making delightful whipped cream canister recipes. It allows you to enjoy delicious desserts in no time by taking away the hassle.
It’s a suitable replacement for heavy-duty whipping and flimsy pipping bags when creating whipped cream, ice creams, mousses, and even fluffy scrambled eggs. But it can be intimidating if you’ve never used a cream canister before. With the help of this guide, you will learn everything you need to know on how to use whip cream canister.

Understanding Whipped Cream Canisters

A whipped cream canister/dispenser is a device that uses food-grade nitrous oxide (N2O) in small or large chargers to raise the pressure of the cream. The nitrous oxide gas instantly turns regular heavy cream into lip-smacking whipped cream.

A cream canister has two main parts – the bottle and the head. The bottle is available in three sizes – 1 quart, 1 pint, and 1/2 pint. The size of the head depends on the size of the bottle. The head is the most important section and it’s made up of a nozzle adaptor, nozzle tip, head gasket, piston assembly, cream charger holder, and extraction lever.

How a Whip Canister Works

A whip or whippets canister uses compressed nitrous oxide gas to pressurize and aerate its contents. The gas mixes with the ingredients to create a voluminous and fluffier texture. A whipped cream gas canister is used to inject nitrous oxide into the canister via the piercing pin. The extraction lever is used to eject the aerated contents, which leave the canister through the nozzle tip. 

How to Use Whipped Cream Canister

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Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to use a whip-it canister like a pro:

Preparation Before Using a Whipped Cream Canister

It’s important to prepare the whip canister before use to avoid accidents. You can achieve this by doing the following.

  • Start by inspecting the cream canister for any damages (even a new whipped cream canister may get damaged during shipping).
  • Inspect the head gasket to ensure it provides a tight seal between the dispenser bottle (canister) and the head. This will help avoid leakages when pressurizing the canister with nitrous oxide.
  • Check the whip canister nozzle for any blockages. You can use the included brush to dislodge any buildups from previous use.
  • Make sure the extraction lever is working properly. You should be able to press it easily without using excessive force.  


  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


Measure the ingredients as stated above. Then add all the portions into a clean glass bowl or jar and stir to mix the ingredients. Your canister whipped cream recipe is ready for use with the dispenser.

Filling and Pressurizing the Canister

Once you’re satisfied the canister body and head are in good shape, you can fill the bottle with ingredients and pressurize it with nitrous oxide. Here’s what you should do:

redients and pressurize it with nitrous oxide. Here’s what you should do:

  • Unscrew the canister head from the bottle
  • Pour the ingredients into the canister bottle without exceeding the maximum line
  • Screw the canister head back onto the bottle (make sure it’s airtight to prevent leakages)
  • Insert a cream charger into the included charger holder
  • Attach the holder with an N2O cartridge inside to the piercing pin port
  • Screw the charger holder until the seal of the N2O cartridge is broken by the pin (you should hear the sound of the gas being injected into the whipped cream canister)
  • Unscrew the charger holder and dispose of the empty cartridge
  • Secure the piercing pin port with the included cap to protect it from dirt

Dispensing Whipped Cream

It isn’t difficult to dispense whipped cream. The following tips will ensure you get the desired consistency every time you press the trigger.

1. Attach your desired nozzle or decorating tip to the nozzle adaptor. You can make special pastries, homemade desserts, or beverage toppings with the right nozzle.

2. Hold the whipped cream canister in your hand and shake it vigorously for around ten to twenty times. This helps mix nitrous oxide with ingredients to form whipped cream.

3. Hold the whipped cream canister/dispenser upside down and press the extraction lever to dispense delicious whipped cream.

Cleaning the Whipped Cream Canister/Dispenser

  •  to clean your whipped cream canister after every use. This helps prevent milk residue buildup and blockages. Regular cleaning is especially important for the canister/dispenser head. Here are a few tips that can help with the cleaning routine:
  • Turn the cream canister upside down and press the trigger to discharge all the left-over gas
  • Detach the canister head from the dispenser bottle
  • Remove the nozzle decorator tip and the piston assembly from the canister head
  • Use the included brush to clean the piston and nozzles
  • Detach and pull out the gasket from the canister head
  • All the plastic parts, including the gasket and decorator tip, are dishwasher-safe
  • Use warm soapy water to clean the canister head and bottle
  • Let all the parts of the whip cream canister air dry before reassembling them
  • Assemble all the parts and store the whipped cream canister

Safety Tips

he following tips will help keep you safe while learning how to make whip cream in canister.

  • Always Read the Instructions

Cream canisters usually come with a user manual to help you familiarize yourself with the device for the first time. There’s much you can learn from the user manual, such as how to assemble the parts that go into the canister head. For instance, you can learn how to properly assemble the piston, valve, and head gasket to avoid any gas leakages.

  • Use the Recommended N2O Chargers

You can find the type or size of whipped cream chargers the manufacturer recommends for the cream canister in the user manual. The device may malfunction if you use the wrong chargers. However, most standard whipped cream canisters have 8g nitrous oxide chargers.

  • Avoid Overfilling the Canister

Whipped cream canisters have a maximum filling line. So, avoid filling ingredients beyond the line to prevent the dispenser from malfunctioning. Instead of overfilling the canister, you can opt for a larger size. You can upgrade from a half pint to a pint or from a pint to a quart depending on your needs.

  • Don’t Over Pressurize the Canister

It’s not recommended to use multiple nitrous oxide cartridges when pressurizing a canister. Also, it’s not ideal to use a higher-pressure bar when using an N2O tank and pressure regulator to charge a dispenser. This may force the gas to shoot out at high speeds in case of any leakages.

  • Don’t Shake the Canister Excessively

It’s good to give the cream canister a few shakes (10 to 20 times) to create fluffier whipped cream. However, shaking the device too many times may lead to a butter-like consistency that may be difficult to dispense. Similarly, this may cause the device to malfunction.


Can I use a large nitrous oxide canister to charge a cream dispenser?

Yes, you can use a large nitrous oxide canister or a tank to pressurize a whipped cream dispenser. But you will need a nitrous oxide pressure regulator for controlling and regulating the pressure of the gas. A pressure regulator will ensure you don’t overfill the dispenser bottle.

Can I use an N2O canister to fill balloons with nitrous oxide?

You can use an N2O canister to fill balloons with nitrous oxide. However, you must do so with either a Nos canister cracker or a whipped cream canister/dispenser. In most cases, people who use N2O recreationally use a nitrous oxide canister cracker.

Where can I buy whip-it canister near me?

You can find whip-it canisters online or from local stores in your area. There are many places to look, including Amazon, Walmart, restaurants, and websites that deal with nitrous oxide products.


With the help of our expert tips, it shouldn’t take you long to learn how to use whipped cream canister. You can now make delightful desserts, toppings, and pastries or experiment with different techniques and flavors in no time. Remember to take any safety precautions seriously to avoid accidents and malfunctions.

If you found this guide helpful, please tell us what you think in the comments and share it with others.

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