How to Use Whipped Cream Charger Cracker – Step-by-Step Guide

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Discreet and easy to use, whipped cream charger crackers are a great tool for recreational users of laughing gas. These versatile devices are a portable and simple way to use whipped cream chargers to fill cream crackers balloons with nitrous oxide (N2O).      

They offer a safer alternative to directly inhaling the gas from a canister. If you’re wondering how to do whippets with a cracker for the first time, this guide can help. It will cover everything new recreational users need to know about whip cream crackers.

What is a Nitrous Oxide Cracker?

A nitrous oxide cracker also referred to as a whippet cracker, whipped/whip cream charger cracker, canister cracker, N2O cracker, NO2 cracker, or a nang cracker is a small cylindrical-shaped device used to discharge nitrous oxide from a NO2 cartridge.

It is a handheld unit made up of two parts – the body and the lid. You need to unscrew the lid to separate it from the body. The body is the bottom part, which is designed to accommodate an 8g whipped cream charger. The upper part is the lid which contains a piercing pin and an angled mouth.

The piercing pin is for penetrating the seal on an N2O charger. The angled mouth is for holding a cracker balloon while it’s being filled with laughing gas.  

How to Make a Nos Cracker

What happens when you don’t have enough money to spare for a commercial Nos canister cracker? You can make a DIY whippet cracker at home. Here is a simple yet effective method for making a homemade whippet cracker:

For this method, you need a T pipe with a threaded bottom part, a pipe fitting, a nail, and silicone sealant (should be food-safe).

The process is pretty straightforward. Start by sealing one end of the T pipe. Use the sealant to attach the nail to the inside of the pipe via the threaded bottom part (the nail acts as a piercing pin). Attach a balloon to the open-ended part of the T pipe. Then insert a NO2 cartridge into a charger holder and screw it to the threaded bottom part of the T pipe.

Screw the charger holder until the nail inside the T pipe punctures the seal of the Nos canister. Beware of freeze burns when using this DIY whippet cracker. A pair of protective gloves will go a long way in preventing frostbite.

How to Use Whippet Cracker

If it’s your first time to use a balloon canister cracker, these tips should help you get started.

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Step 1: Gather Everything You

You will need the following things to effectively learn how to use nitrous cracker to fill a balloon with laughing gas.

  • A nang cracker
  • Whipped cream chargers
  • N2O balloons
  • A pair of protective gloves

Step 2: Unscrew the Nang Cracker

First, wear the protective gloves for added safety. Then, unscrew the cream canister cracker to separate the bottom part from the upper section. 

Step 3: Load the N2O Cracker with a Cream Charger

Take one cream charger and load it into the bottom part of the cracker. The wider side of the cream charger should go first into the cracker body. The seal should be facing up.

Step 4: Attach a Balloon to the Lid of the Cracker

We suggest attaching the balloon to the lid of the cracker before screwing it back into the bottom section that holds the NO2 charger. Slide the mouth of the balloon into the angled portion of the lid (about one centimeter). Be careful not to scratch or puncture the balloon to avoid ice burns.

Step 5: Charge the Balloon with N2O

Screw the two parts of the cracker until there is no gap in between. Then unscrew the lid to puncture the seal and release nitrous oxide gas into the attached balloon. The gas will escape at high pressure, so make sure you properly secure the mouth of the balloon to the cracker.

Step 6: Remove and Secure the Balloon

Hold the mouth of the balloon and gently pull out the cracker. Secure the balloon with a knot to prevent the gas from escaping and set it aside.

Step 7: Dispose of the Canister and Store the Cracker

Unscrew the nang cracker and remove the empty canister. Screw the cracker back together and store it for future use. Empty NO2 canisters are recyclable. You can take them to a local council or scrap metal yard for recycling. But it’s not advisable to dispose of them in your regular trash.  

Safety Precautions to Take When Doing Whippets

Always take safety precautions when learning how to do whippets with a cracker. You can stay safe with the help of the following tips.

  • Source nitrous oxide from reputable brands on the market to avoid products that contain oily residues and industry aftertaste.
  • Don’t inhale laughing gas directly from a nitrous oxide cylinder. As the gas is discharged, the canister gets ice cold. So, any direct contact with your mouth can cause third-degree ice burns and numbness. The gas also leaves the canister at a high pressure, which can cause more damage. It’s much safer to inhale laughing gas from balloons because they help warm the gas and normalize the pressure.
  • Never do whippets with a cracker alone. If inhaled responsibly, laughing gas should cause euphoric and happy feelings. But, if misused or overused, the gas may cause adverse effects. So, having someone nearby is a good idea in case of an emergency.
  • Do whippets in a well-ventilated space and always remain seated. Good ventilation will ensure you never run out of oxygen while remaining seated will reduce the chances of you falling and passing out. In addition to being in a well-ventilated space, it’s also recommended to take a few breaths of air after every inhalation. This will ensure oxygen gets to your brain.
  • Avoid mixing nitrous oxide with other substances. For example, it’s ill-advised to do whippets when you are under the influence of alcohol. You never know how the combination of the two substances will affect your body.

Wrapping Up

Can you get high doing whippets? Yes, you can experience a swift and short-lived rush of excitement, happiness, or euphoria. Still, you must learn how to use the whipped cream charger crackers correctly to be able to do whippets safely. Also, it’s important to only use pure culinary-grade N2O chargers. You have to do some research to find which brands sell food-grade nitrous oxide cylinders that are safe for reactional use.


Where to buy whippet crackers?

You can buy whipped cream charger crackers from online marketplaces and stores that ship to your location. Most nang crackers are sold in a pack of two and they don’t cost more than twenty US dollars. Also, you can choose from a variety of colors, including red, blue, and black Nos crackers.

Can I use a cream cracker dispenser to do whippets?

Alternatively, you can use a whipped cream or cream cracker dispenser to fill balloons with laughing gas. All you need is a clean cream whipper and a few whippets. Remove the charger holder on the head of the dispenser, insert a whippet, and screw the holder back to the dispenser head. Keep tightening the charger holder until you hear the sound of the gas discharging into the dispenser bottle. Attach a balloon to the nozzle of the dispenser head and press the lever to fill the balloon with N2O.

Are DIY whippet crackers safe?

It depends on the materials you use and your technique. Although, the T pipe technique is usually safe if you do it correctly. Still, we recommend you buy an industry-standard Nos cracker to be on the safe side.

Can I use a nitrous oxide tank to fill balloons with laughing gas?

To use a nitrous oxide tank you will need a pressure regulator and a whipped cream dispenser. Instead of inserting nang into the charger holder, you will use the appropriate fittings to attach the pressure regulator and N2O tank. You will use the pressure regulator to control and regulate the amount of N2O going into the dispenser. Then you will attach a balloon to the dispenser nozzle and press the lever to fill it with laughing gas. 

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